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1-2-1 Adult Dog Confidence Building


If your dog lacks confidence, this can quite often lead to aggression and shyness which in turn can make walks difficult. Building your dog’s confidence is the first step to helping them overcome their fears and becoming more comfortable around people, other animals or anything else that worries them.

Research has shown that the two most specific and effective exercises we can do with our dogs to help build their confidence is Agility (not the typical Agility that we see at Crufts) and Basic Obedience. 


When introduced properly and in a controlled fashion i.e. by combining the agility part with obedience, agility obstacles can help your dog gain confidence. Jumping over obstacles, running through tunnels ,climbing A-frames, and walking on structures with unusual footing and wobbly surfaces all help to raise a dog’s confidence. 

So why does agility help insecure dogs?  Because the dog feels good about confronting obstacles and because he must continuously concentrate on adjusting his speed and balance.

Basic Obedience
Believe it or not, basic obedience can help your dog gain confidence.  By training your dog to sit, down, stay, leave etc you are giving your dog something else to think about and also it shows your dog that he does not have to decide on his own how to act.  Also, the praise and rewards will make your dog feel extra happy as he acknowledges he did something right.

At Living With Wolves, we have our very own secure paddock with all the obstacles needed to help build your dog’s confidence and to set you on the first steps towards a more confident, obedient and happier best friend.  


(All training comes with training literature and unlimited telephone support)  

That confident and happy dog is just a phone call away.