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1-2-1 Puppy Training vs Puppy Classes


First day of puppy school


For a long time now, puppy classes were the norm for your new puppy. You would collect your puppy at 8 weeks of age, have him vaccinated and then enrol him into a local puppy class (that is if there is one in your area) usually by the age of 12-14 weeks if not older. The problem with this is that the crucial training period in any puppy’s life (0 -12 weeks) could be missed altogether.

There is an ongoing debate within the doggy scientific community that is questioning what use to be the norm in any puppy’s life i.e. the puppy class. As our knowledge of dogs continues to grow, this once perceived essential part of a puppy’s education is having doubt cast upon it. There are a number of reasons for this apart from the one listed above. Many puppy classes are simply not fit for purpose in as much as they are run by ‘old fashioned’ trainers who have not bothered to catch up with the progression in science of dog training and behaviour.

Then there are some puppy’s who are simply not cut out for a class environment being
either too nervous or too boisterous and end up either being banished to the back of the hall or banned all together simply because the trainer hadn’t got a clue on how to respond to a particular puppy’s behaviour. Some puppy classes are often guilty of generalising their training without taking into account puppy individuality. It was always argued that puppy classes were essential for socialisation but to be honest, a puppy already knows how to play with another puppy because it’s been doing that for the first 8 weeks of its life. What the puppy actually needs to learn is about socialising with people, places and adolescent and adult dogs, something he wouldn’t get from a puppy class.

Puppy Classes


Classes aren't for every puppy


Puppy classes tend to be for a fixed period (inflexible) and usually run once a week for six weeks. A possible (more possible than you would think) scenario could be this:
You spend ages searching out puppy classes and arrive expectantly on your first night only to find you are one of many. It’s like a mad house, everywhere you look excited puppies are barking, pulling, desperate to investigate and play with each other. You find the hour you have paid for flies by and the only one on one time you’ve had with the trainer is about 10 minutes if you’re lucky. All the questions you have rehearsed are either forgotten or left unanswered leaving you no better off than before. The second class is no different and then life takes over. The night of the third class the kids need taking somewhere, hubby is working late, the weather is really bad etc, etc. The most important learning curve of any dog’s life suddenly becomes secondary, often through no fault of your own. The help you expected and paid for just simply isn’t there or enough.

Don’t get me wrong, puppy classes when run correctly can be huge fun for both you and your puppy but the reality is you and your puppy are not going to learn that much.
At Living With Wolves we offer one to one Puppy Training in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you and your puppy best. We cover all the important things that are generally not covered at puppy classes including the things that you really do need to know but can’t find answers too such as:

Puppy Training Essentials

• Your Puppy’s Diet
• Crate training your puppy
• Toilet training your puppy
• Chew Toy Training
• Leaving your puppy at home
• Puppy Socialisation With People and Older Dogs
• Liking People
• Puppy Handling and Gentling
• Resource guarding valued objects
• Puppy Biting
• Teaching Bite Inhibition
• More Puppy Socialisation
• Basic Obedience – Sit, Come, Stay, Heel etc
• Lifestyle Puppy Training
• Puppy Training On Walks
• Puppy Training In The Car
• Puppy Training In The Park

Added to the above list should also be the developmental stages that all dogs go through but is rarely if ever mentioned at puppy class.  

Puppy training at home provides a more natural training environment for both you and your puppy

The sad fact is, what is typically taught at puppy class is just the very basic's of dog obedience.  No puppy class anywhere can teach how to intergrate your puppy into your particular lifestyle or offer advice on how to modify your recall training for instance when your puppy enters it's Flight Instinct period.  Believe me, there is far more to raising a puppy than just teaching it to sit. 

As it is in all aspects of life, the more you put in the more you get out and so it is with Puppy Training. With our help, we can guide you during this, the most important point in your and your dog’s life to make the transition from puppyhood to well adjusted and behaved family dog as stress free and as enjoyable as possible.

At Living With Wolves we specialise in 1-2-1 Puppy Training so give your puppy the best possible start in life with professional puppy training in Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex.