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About Us

Helen and Dexter taking a breather after dog training

Whether you’re bringing home a new puppy for the first time, adopting a rescue dog or already have a family dog, canine behaviour can be complex and the reasons dogs do things can for the owner often be difficult to understand and unravel.

For example, the puppy that refuses to toilet outside and is intent on biting and using you as his personal chew toy, the adopted rescue dog who is nervous around noises or people and can’t be left alone or the family dog who has suddenly become aggressive or pulls like a train on a walk can often drive us to distraction and looking for help.  All types of behavioural problems require specific behaviour training and someone who knows how to train behaviour. 

If only you could speak dog.  Well yes, you can……. and we can show you how!

Dogs have their very own language expressed through vocalisation and visualisation (sound and body language) and once you understand how to interpret what the dog is saying, life can become a whole lot easier.  That is where we at Living With Wolves come in.

We’re Professional – As a Professionally qualified dog behaviourist based in Haslemere, Surrey, we offer home consultations for canine behavioural issues, individual dog training and puppy training across Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.  With years of experience with all breeds and ages of dogs, we can help you better understand what your dog is trying to tell you.

We’re Convenient –   Working solely with you, all the training we offer is 1-2-1 and conducted in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you.  No more standing around in drafty village halls waiting for your 10 minutes of instruction.

We’re Positive – All our training methods are modern, scientifically proven and force free and in keeping with the Pet Professional Guild’s philosophy in training a dog.  We never use any aversive equipment like check chains or any physical corrections or punishment on any dog or puppy.  We treat all our clients dogs and puppies with respect and as if they were our own and there is no additional charge for the kisses Helen gives them all!

Early morning dog agility with Shadow Jnr

So whether you’re looking for a dog behaviourist, puppy training or dog training, with patience and commitment I can help guide you to understand your dog better and to acknowledge him/her as the individual all dogs are.  I can show you how to successfully train your dog using the respect he deserves and to understand his needs and motivation.  This creates a better understanding of each other and ultimately strengthens the bond between you.

Arranging Dog Training in Surrey, Hampshire & Sussex

We are flexible in both our timings and our ability to travel when it comes to training your dog. Our dog training not only covers all of Surrey, but also the counties of Hampshire and West Sussex. For specialist dog training we cover the whole of the South of England. If you would like to book any sessions with us, the first step is to Contact Us by phone or through our contact page and we can talk about your specific dog or puppy training needs.

It is a privilege to touch a dog, not a right.