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Bringing Your Puppy Home

Bringing your puppy home is an exciting time

You’ve done all your homework BEFORE YOU GET YOUR PUPPY and know exactly what to do and expect.

The day then finally arrives when you go to collect your new family addition and seriously, aren’t puppies the most adorable, cutest things you’ve ever seen? That small bundle of fur cradled in your arms so soft and frail, those big brown eyes so trusting and appealing. Everything about the puppy screams out to our maternal/paternal instincts and all of us ‘want one’.

One Week On

Fast forward one week and reality has kicked in. That once small bundle of fur, so quiet and fearful yet trusting, the object of many ‘isn’t he cute’ comments quickly turns into a whirling dervish intent on chewing everything including your best shoes, biting you with his razor sharp baby teeth, hanging off your trouser bottoms, trying his best to trip you up at every opportunity and christening every room in the house with his bodily fluids. It’s at this time that you realise that maybe you just might need some help.

Who couldn’t love this little bundle of fun

The most critical period in any puppy’s life in terms of learning is from the ages of 0 to 12 weeks. During this period the puppy is like a sponge, soaking up all experiences be they good or bad which in turn will lay the foundations for the future behaviour of your dog. This is the period where many behavioural issues are formed. Socialisation is a key element of any puppy’s development and education. Your pup needs to experience as many positive different scenario’s as possible during this period to ensure he doesn’t develop ‘fears’ which could become troublesome as he matures. The problem is though you’re caught in a sort of limbo. After all, the pup need’s his injections but they take three weeks from the date of the first injection.

Then you need to find a ‘puppy class’ which in reality isn’t going to teach you or your puppy very much about real life. It shouldn’t take long for you to realise that the most important weeks of the puppy’s life is very quickly being eaten up with just ‘waiting’ and all the time, you’re left slowly pulling your hair out.

Thankfully, help is on hand. At Living With Wolves, as fully qualified and experienced Canine Behaviourists and Dog Trainers, we specialise in puppy and owner education primarily because we firmly believe that prevention is far better than cure. We help you to lay the foundations for ‘real life’ puppy education, one that is flexible and geared to fit around your lifestyle, schedule and expectations and not one centred on the rigid and false environment of a village hall.