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Controlled Dog Agility

Controlled dog agility combines obedience training with agility…………..and dogs love it

Dogs get bored but unlike us they cannot switch the TV, radio or computer on or pick up a book or magazine.  They cannot phone a friend for a chat or to arrange to meet up for coffee etc.  Just like us though they need mental stimulation as well as physical activity to keep them happy because a bored dog will often look to make his own entertainment, usually at the expense of something in the house that we really don’t want destroyed.

Controlled Dog Agility is a great activity providing both the mental and physical stimulation that a dog requires.  However, unlike normal dog agility where the dog often goes into ‘robot’ mode, controlled dog agility requires a huge amount of dog obedience and focus on the handler.  So instead of the dog dashing around an obstacle course as fast as he can, the dog, through obedience is under the control of the handler at all times.

The benefits of this are tremendous in as much as the basic and advanced commands are continually in play and so constantly being reinforced whilst providing an environment where the dog has to continually think.  Not only does Controlled Dog Agility stretch the dogs physical and mental functions but goes a long way to strengthening the bond between you.  It’s tremendous fun and very addictive not only for your dog but for you as well and any size of dog can take part.  It’s also a great way to keep fit.

Up, up and away…………….

So where does this all take place? 


We are lucky enough to rent a paddock in Haslemere where we can do not only controlled dog agility, but also controlled lead training sessions to help stop your dog from pulling as well as dog-dog reactivity sessions.