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Dog Behaviour Video | Science Based Training Methods



This is an excerpt from a film by Hugh Dorigo which is about the problems relating to companion animals in America.  

This particular ecerpt covers the 'malignant effect' (their words not mine) that Cesar Milan has had on our understanding of dogs.  Ever since the concept of dominance/pack theory was floated back in the 60's by David Mech and later recanted in the 80's, dominance/pack theory still exists through the continued exposure of celebrity dog trainers such as Cesar Milan.  The fact this old fashioned, often dangerous approach has been discredited time and time again by science, doesn't seem to hold much sway with those who still insist a dog needs to know it's place in the pack.

Science has taught us a lot about dogs and continues to do so, long may it last.  

Embrace science and live a long and contented life with that other sentient being in your family, your dog.