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Dog Care Comfort Visits

A dog care visit will give your dog a welcome break when you’re not there

There will always be times when you have to go somewhere and will have to leave your dog at home.  If we are home alone we can occupy ourselves by watching TV, listening to the radio, reading a book, playing on the computer etc, etc but these activities are not available to our ‘best friend’.

Dogs get bored very easily and a bored dog can often develop behavioural issue’s such as separation anxiety, destructiveness, barking etc. Doggy Care Visits or on a ad-hoc basis can go a long way to giving you the peace of mind that your dog is not on it’s own for too long and getting into trouble.

We cover Haslemere, Liphook, Fernhurst, Hindhead and surrounding areas.

Benefits for the Dog Owner

  • You do not have to impose on a friend, family member or neighbour (who sometimes forgets).
  • Your home is made more secure simply by someone being there.
  • You are secure in the knowledge that while you are away your dog is in capable and caring hands and is safe and well looked after.
                                                                                            At Living With Wolves we offer two kinds of dog care visits to best suit you and your dog.


Helen keeping three dogs company

Standard Dog Care Visit:

Best suited to the the very young, couch potato or very senior dog where we will come along and just sit with your dog, let him out to toilet, feed or administer medication as needed and just generally provide lots and lots of TLC.

Puppy/Dog Care Visits*
– Monday-Friday 9-6pm:
30 Min Visit Minimum: £10 per visit

Puppy/Dog Care Visits*
– Evening 6pm-9pm, Weekends & Bank Hols:  30 Min Visit Minimum: £15 per visit

A little bit of controlled dog agility a day keeps the boredom away

Dog Care Visit Plus:
Geared towards the more energetic dog who requires more than just a cuddle. We can provide high stimulation exercise and basic training to keep your dog both happy and contented. We can even bring our own jumps and do some Controlled Agility with him therefore teaching him something new and exciting.

Puppy/Dog Care Visits Plus*
– Monday-Friday 9-6pm:

45 Min Visit Minimum: £20 per visit

Puppy/Dog Care Visits Plus*
– Evening 6pm-9pm, Weekends & Bank Hols:  45 Min Visit Minimum: £25 per visit


Care visits can also be used to brush up on some types of training.  Kaiser deems it very funny and a great game to bark and jump up at people passing by the front gate and so Helen is using the time to teach him how to 'Place' at a safe distance and just watch instead.