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Flynn is now 7 months old and well into his adolesence period, a typical teenager.  Male dogs become sexually mature at 6 months of age following a huge burst of testosterone and so their hormones are all over the place.  This can and generally does have an effect on their training and not in a good way.  Therefore it is even more important that we continue with their training, even taking a step backwards in order to help them through this trying time.  In this video, the exercise I'm doing with Flynn he was doing at the age of 4 months and just on cue without any 'luring'.  But because he is all over the place at the moment, I took a step backwards and re-introduced a 'lure' to help him achieve what I'm asking of him.  Don't be too worried about doing this, with a little help from you, your dog will come through this stage better and stronger than before.  

Meet Flynn (not my Flynn) who is a 12 month old Springer/Vizla X. Full of energy, ball obsessed, no focus or self control, amazing agility and keen to learn though he does insist on doing everything at 90mph. Worked him on a platform getting his focus and then at the end of the session and to see if we could get him to slow down when moving, gave him a quick go on the Log Walk and Ladder and also to see if he would do a Commando Crawl. Took it all in his stride. Looking forward to building up that focus and self control over the next few weeks through Controlled Agility, Heelwork on a training square and Rocket Recall. Great, happy dog who loves to work.