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Dog Training Walks

Our dog training walks will help you better deal with this kind of situation

Taking a dog for a walk should be one of life’s simple pleasures. It should be a stress-free time where you can unwind from the demands of everyday life and for your dog to enjoy the freedom awarded to him away from the confines of the home.

All too often though this is not the case. For what ever the reason, you find your dog is not as friendly towards other dogs as you would hope, making your walk one of apprehension as opposed to the care free period of your day that you should be looking forward to.

Any dog that is re-active towards other dogs either on or off the lead or one that is overly friendly and dashes off to say ‘hello’ to everyone he see’s can lead to a walk that can be fraught enough to send our blood pressure through the roof.

Our Dog Training Walks

Encountering a dog such as this can be quite a scary thing

At Living With Wolves we totally understand this can often be a worrying time as you try to put into practise all you’ve learnt. That is why we offer dog training walks for those clients who have had a Behavioural Consult with us, with or without one of our dogs in attendance and where you normally walk so you can practise your new found skills under friendly and informative supervision.

We will help you regain your confidence to once more enjoy those simple times together with your dog.



The cost of the Dog Training Walks with Helen and including telephone/email support is:
£30 per hour plus mileage @ 45p per mile. (Checkable via

Payment is either cash or direct bank transfer on the first day. If payment is to be made by direct bank transfer then this must be made before the start of the session.