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1-2-1 Dog Training In Surrey, West Sussex & Hampshire

Adolescence can sometimes be a testing time for both you and your dog

Everyone wants a well trained, obedient dog.  However, without investing time in dog obedience training, just like a teenager, a dog’s adolescence is the time when everything starts to fall apart.  Almost and as if overnight, all the hard work and time you have invested in puppy training just seem’s to disappear.  The once willing puppy who was once obedient has now transformed into a moody teenager questioning you at every opportunity.  (Parents of teenage children will recognise this stage).  This is the time when you need to make a little more of an effort to see this phase through to the stability of adulthood.  I cannot stress enough just how critical this time in your dog’s life is and if you ignore your dog’s education now; you will soon find yourself living with an ill-mannered, under-socialised, hyperactive animal.  The same transitional period can also apply to the adult rescue dog.

Some typical indicators are:
Basic Manners – Barging around the house or using your furniture as an agility course
Bite Inhibition – Mouthing or biting hands, clothing or your possessions
Socialisation – Jumping up or chasing after people or other dogs
Dog-Dog Socialisation – Overly friendly or aggressive to other dogs
No Recall – Refuses to come no matter how many times you call
Pulling Like A Train – You end up looking like Ben Hur in a chariot race

1-2-1 dog training where all the focus is on you and your dog

You could try dog training classes but this isn’t going to help with a dog that has suddenly developed ‘reactivity dog issues’, is overly friendly towards other dogs or people or has the attention span of a gnat.  In fact, the chances are it will make matters worse.

That is why and unlike a class training session where you and your dog are one of many, at Living With Wolves we only offer home visits.  You will recieve one to one dog training specifically tailored to you and your dog’s needs where you are assured that the focus is solely on you and your dog.

As every dog is an individual and every owners requirements unique, the benefits of this kind of personalised training speaks for itself.