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Dog Walking Haslemere and Surrounding Areas

Helen dog walking in Haslemere

We understand that everyone’s need’s are different that’s why our individual dog walking services are tailored to suit the specific needs of the client be it Daily, Weekly or on a Ad-Hoc basis. If you are out at work or away for any reason during the day, we can provide a much welcomed break for your dog.

We cover Haslemere, Liphook, Fernhurst, Hindhead and surrounding areas.

How Individual Dog Walking Differs

At Living With Wolves, the individual dog walking service we offer is personal.  By that I mean we only ever walk your dog or dogs from the same family.  We don’t walk several different dogs together which in turn could create behavioural or safety issue’s should any of the dog’s not get on.  We also don’t load your dog in a van then drive around to collect other dogs which could result in your dog only being walked for 10 minutes or so because they all need to be dropped back in time to go get  the next van load of dogs.

The individual dog walking service we offer means that your dog gets the proper attention and exercise he needs for the full amount of time you’re paying for.  We also give him a good rub down afterwards to ensure clean paws, put fresh water down and ensure he is happily settled before leaving.

Helen dog walking another puppy

The Benefits of this are:

Your dog gets the full and proper exercise and mental stimulation it needs

You don’t feel guilty or worried because you know your dog is being walked properly and is in safe hands

It takes the pressure off you so no more rushing around in the cold, dark mornings and evenings to take the dog out.

Individual Dog Walking – Monday to Friday 9am-6pm:
Individual Walk – £15 per walk (minimum of 45 minutes)
Extra Dog per household – £5 per dog

Individual Dog Walking – Weekends & Bank Holidays:
Individual Walk – £18 per walk (minimum of 45 minutes)
Extra dog per household – £5 per dog
Payment is cash on the day.