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Dog Walking And Care Visits

Helen out and about keeping dogs happy

At Living With Wolves, in addition to our Dog Behaviour Consults, Puppy Training and Dog Training, we also offer Dog Walking and Care Visits that are also very popular.  All our sessions are 1-2-1 so you and your dog get the most out of which ever service you require.

We are professionally qualified and fully insured and offer lifetime telephone support and training literature.

Dog Walking Haslemere

Covering Haslemere only, we offer dog walking with a difference.  We do not walk multiple dogs from different homes at the same time and we do not put your dog in a van with other dogs . We only ever walk your dog or dogs from the same family and can provide ongoing training during these walks.  You are then safe in the knowledge that your dog is benefitting from our full attention at all times and getting the full allotted time.

Dog Training Walks

Available to our existing clients only, these individual dog training walks are geared to help you put into practise everything you have learnt from us.  They will also give you the time to develop more confidence in your growing abilities and prepare you for any eventuality whilst out walking.

Dog Care/Comfort Visits

If your dog is home alone during the day, we can provide comfort visits and dog walking to help break up your dog’s day.

Controlled Dog Agility

We’ve all seen dog agility at Cruft’s on the TV with a dog running and jumping at a rate of knots, well controlled dog agility is nothing like that.  Well it is a bit   Controlled dog agility is where you combine dog obedience with dog agility, all at walking pace.  It teaches your dog focus and impulse control whilst giving your dog something to think about.

Whatever your needs, be it a behavioural consult, puppy training, dog obedience or training, we can help you achieve a better level of understanding between you and your dog and all in the comfort of your own home.