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Rescue Dog Training

There are now more dogs in rescue than ever before

It is a truly sad fact that dog rescue’s are often full with abandoned and homeless dogs who are there through no fault of their own.  But thanks to increased public awareness, more and more people are responding and choosing to provide a loving home for an adult rescue dog.

We have to remember that it can often take about 6 months for a rescue dog to regain it’s confidence and to fully settle into a new home, so you are going to have to prepare yourself and be patient for a long haul of exciting, rewarding and sometimes frustrating experiences during that period.

When it comes to training your new addition, there will be some extra considerations you will need to bear in mind and these, to a large extent, will depend on the good or bad experiences your rescue dog has had in the past.

When should I start training my rescue dog?

Training any dog is always more successful the stronger the bond you have built up with your dog is.  With a rescue dog, this bond may take weeks before it is established but if you  allow it to happen then training will be far more productive.

Rescue dogs can often be more loving

Whilst you are developing your relationship with your dog, you may find that they already understand some basic training commands such as sit, stay, down etc. With rescue dogs though, more often than not this is usually quite limited and so it’s not a bad idea to go back to the beginning and re-teach these commands.

Are there any specific techniques or equipment?
Most of the training techniques for rescue dogs are much the same as for training any dog. However, because of the potential for mis-treatment in your rescue dog’s past, extra care should be taken to ensure training is very positive and not an intimidating experience.
What about dog training classes?

Rescue dogs may have problems dealing with large groups of people or other dogs which in turn can cause stress that may manifest itself in aggressive or other unusual behaviour.

At Living With Wolves we only ever provide 1-2-1 training at your home so that your rescue dog is at ease and confident in surroundings he has become to know and trust and at a pace that suits both you and your dog.