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The Dog Behavioural Consult

The consultation is conducted in your home as this is the best place to assess your dog. Seeing your dog in a relaxed state helps with the behavioural assessment before observing how your dog’s behaviour changes. 

The dog behavioural consult usually lasts for two hours during which it would be beneficial to see the behaviour problem although I won’t provoke a response, it just helps to see what behaviour may normally be experienced in a given situation. This may involve going out on a walk with you or arranging for someone to come around that your dog usually demonstrates the behaviour with/for.  If you have been able to video the behaviour even better.

I will then be able to explain fully what is motivating the behaviour and set you a clear and understandable plan of behaviour training designed to help you through the behavioural problems you are having with your dog.

On a more somber note, contrary to what some unqualified dog behaviourists may say, most behavioural problems take time to resolve and improve.  There is no “quick fix” and things can change so long as you follow the behaviour training plan.  Whilst the vast majority of issues can be resolved, there are a few times when the behaviour has a genetic basis to it or it has become so ingrained that a full resolution of the problem may not be possible.  You will however benefit from a greater understanding of how to manage your dog in situations where you would be able to pre-empt problems.

Don’t loose heart though, you will be surprised at just how much progress can be made with most behavioural problems with the right dog behaviourist.


The cost of the BEHAVIOURAL CONSULTATION which can take up to two hours, even longer dependant on the issue.

£95 plus mileage @ 45p per mile.  (Checkable via  

The price includes telephone/email support for the duration of the issue.

Behavioural training literature in .pdf format is also included in the training price.

Payment is either cash or direct bank transfer on the first day. If payment is to be made by direct bank transfer then this must be made before the start of the first session.


To arrange a DOG BEHAVIOUR BOOKING for a dog behavioural consult, call David on 07971 627146.